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New Jersey's #1 Luxury Boudoir Studio

by Logan Roquemore

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It's time to say yes to an unforgettable experience!


The Boudoir x Logan studio in Montclair, New Jersey is built for you to experience a luxury photography session where you will uplift, reclaim and celebrate your body through the art of boudoir.

Logan believes every thin, thick, scarred, glowing, jiggly, toned, light, dark, provocative, shy, beautiful goddess deserves to join our studio and gift herself an unforgettable and empowering photo shoot.

Expert hair and make up is included in every session by a professional artist. You'll be guided through wardrobe recommendations, posing techniques and will have absolute privacy in our personal studio.


 Boudoir x Logan serves ALL women of ALL shapes, sizes, color and background

throughout New York, New Jersey & Beyond

inside the studio!