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New Jersey's #1 Luxury Boudoir Studio

by Logan Roquemore

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It's time to say yes to an unforgettable experience!


The Boudoir x Logan studio in Montclair, New Jersey is built for you to experience a luxury photography session where you will uplift, reclaim and celebrate your body through the art of boudoir.

Logan believes every thin, thick, scarred, glowing, jiggly, toned, light, dark, provocative, shy, beautiful goddess deserves to join our studio and gift herself an unforgettable and empowering photo shoot.

Expert hair and make up is included in every session by professional artists. You'll be guided through wardrobe recommendations, posing techniques and will have absolute privacy in our personal studio.


 Boudoir x Logan serves ALL women of ALL shapes, sizes, color and background

throughout New York, New Jersey & Beyond

Celebrate your curves

Your curves make you who you are, so why not take images that put them in the spotlight? They’re beautiful, unique and only boudoir photography brings them to life in front of the lens.

Boost Body Confidence

You’re boosting your body confidence by embracing something you never thought you’d be able to do.


You are a truly beautiful woman, and if you want to feel empowered and in control of the way you look, nothing compares to a boudoir session.



 New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

Logan Roquemore

Owner of Logan Roquemore Photography


Boudoir x Logan

(347) 876-6899





I'm Logan

Lead Empowerer and Photographer

Hey gorgeous! I'm Logan, your personal hype-woman and New Jersey boudoir photographer. This is a powerful movement, and I'm thrilled you're ready to be a part of it. To me, boudoir photographer is a platform for my clients which celebrates their milestones and their self-love. I'm proud to be a part of your journey, and am  honored to have my studio immortalize your body and document your history through the art of boudoir photography.  Posing, style guides, lighting, and set design are critical to an amazing shoot, and having  my own studio, (and trusting clients!) gives me the opportunity to create something truly beautiful and unique. Thank you for choosing me, and entrusting me with such an intimate experience. It's my pleasure to officially welcome you to the HERd!

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boudoir session
boudoir session

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boudoir session
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 your experience with boudoir x logan

15 minute phone consultation with Logan

professional and private photo shoot complete with posing guidance

wardrobe guidance, tips for all body shapes, recommendations and places to shop

photo reveal and ordering appointment

(this is where you cry seeing your images for the first time!)

professional hair styling

complete concierge album design and wall art creation

expert make up application

100% satisfaction guarantee





The VIP Client Lounge is a private female-only Facebook group created for past, present, and future clients of Boudoir x Logan. This group is used is a great way for you to learn about specials, early access, and flash sales!


If you're curious about what a boudoir session is, what the experience includes, or want to be present in a community of like-minded local women, join our exclusive group:


you're invited!

Boudoir FAQ

Who Should Have a Boudoir Session?

ALL women should be exploring what a boudoir session has to offer. Women who are beaming with self confidence, and also women who are struggling to find theirs. Women who want to give their partner an extraordinary gift, and those just leaving a relationship or marriage and need a luxury experience to rediscover their own self-worth. Scroll down for the before and after photo of a woman who is JUST like you empowering herself through the art of boudoir.

WHY Should Women Have A Shoot Like This?

There is no end to reasons of why a woman should explore a boudoir session. Many clients say they do it for a confidence boost, to look sexy but still classy, to immortalize their bodies, or simply as a sexy gift! If for none of these reasons, give your 77 year old self something to be V jealous about!

How Far Out Should I Book With You?

You should plan to reach out 2-3 months in advance. I'm typically booked solid 3 months in advance, with limited availability 4 months out. If I have reschedule sessions, you may get lucky and reserve your date within a month of our phone consultation, but this is very rare. You will also want time to prepare your wardrobe so you know you look and feel your best in all your looks! This can take some time to shop for, replace or return your items.

Will You Help Me Pose?

HELL YEAH! 100% of my clients are proudly every day women, like you and me. Most women have only been in front of their own selfie cameras or worked with a professional at their wedding. My secret sauce to making your images drop-dead gorgeous is my pro posing guidance. I will pose your body AND your face in the most flattering way. You will be blown away by your final gallery when you see how capable you are of looking (AND FEELING!) incredible over and over and over again!

What's Included In The Session Fee?

Your date will be reserved for $495 (or only $395 if you book during your phone consult!) which will cover: -Your gorgeous and professional hair and make up application on the day of your session. -A complete guide of where to shop, what to buy, accessories to bring, and how to prep for your session so you feel completely prepared before you even walk into the studio. -Your entire 2 hour photoshoot with Logan. -Professional posing, lighting, equipment and retouching on all images. -Your 90 minute photo reveal and ordering appointment. -The design and curation of your luxury album, digital images, gifts and wall art. -Shipping of all your products. Collections with your prints, products, albums, digital images and wall art are sold seperately at the ordering appointment starting at $795.

What Do People Do With Their Images?

This is my favorite part of the experience! Curating your incredible gallery into wall art, and designing your stunning album sets this luxury experience apart from anything else. I have a large collection of samples for you to preview at the studio of albums, prints, gifts, and art. I will help to advise you to make sure you're getting the most bang for you buck, and the best pieces for your home!

Will You Retouch Images?

Absolutely -- but to an extent. I will never take liberties on your body by photoshopping anything to make it appear bigger or smaller. My posing is excellent and scientific, and will help conceal what you're self concious about, and highlight the parts of your body you love. But it will be REAL. You are going to be the sexiest version of you. If you wake up with a huge, aching zit on your face, I will remove that in every photo. If you have razor burn, consider it gone. I can smooth stretch marks to be less noticable, but they're not replaced with a plastic-y look as if they don't exist. I work exclusively with women who want to celebrate the body they live in, and document it in the best light. There is no body-shaming at my studio, ever. Please do not ask to be altered in your images. Your grant will not be requested.

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client love notes

Ms. G

Ms. C

Ms. K

"It was such an amazing experience. I felt confident, beautiful, relaxed and just had fun the whole time during my photo shoot. I get really nervous having my picture taken in general and I worry about my posing or how I will look, but the whole time she directed me and my pictures came out better than I could have imagined. I can’t say enough good things about my experience. I can be really insecure at times and hard on myself and my body but these pictures make me feel so beautiful and I cannot stop looking at them in disbelief that they are me. Thank you so much Logan!"

"Logan will make you feel like a professional model that has been doing this for years. She sends emails ahead of times to get you prepped and pumped, and her studio is like a cottage out of a fairy tale. Logan is personable, funny, sweet, and has a way of showing you how to accentuate the parts you love of yourself most, but also want to flaunt the parts you don’t love as much. You will feel like an absolute QUEEN when you leave. I did this for me, and it helped my self esteem more than I can explain. My bf didn’t mind the pics either 😜"

"Logan really is a one woman hype machine- I was so nervous going into the shoot and she made the process so easy! She made the experience fun and simple and somehow still managed to get pictures that are out of this world! If you’re on the fence- jump!! Give it a try and let yourself have the most empowering Photoshoot of your life!"






These women look like supermodels,

but they are EVERYDAY women who you see toting their children at the market, folding endless laundry, facing insecurities and working hard on relationships. The only difference is she carved out the all the time and energy she gives to everyone else, and reinvested it in HERSELF.



The glam team will start your transformation with hair and make up,

but YOU will create this STUNNING final result.

Get in touch with Logan
347-876-6899 | logan@loganroquemore.com
Located in Montclair, NJ

I can't wait to embark on this life changing experience with you!