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Spread Love, it's the Brooklyn Way

Updated: Aug 28, 2017

Brooklyn! Everyone's favorite borough. Famous for it's diverse culture, bad ass street cred, and currently taking the world by 'pie in mason jars', Brooklyn has a hardcore cult-following among a variety of generations, ethnicities, education levels, and backgrounds. It's one of the most fascinating melting pots this side of the Mississippi, and can be home to all who choose to descend upon it. For photographers, it's a great destination to shoot because of the variety of backdrops and textures. It hits us in the sweet spot with murals drawn by locals, waterfront views of the Manhattan skyline, iconic brownstones, glass store fronts, and more and more and more. Daisy and Kevin live in Park Slope, BK but chose Williamsburg for their engagement shoot. Here's why:

Because all the Biggie references.

Because murals are peppered all over the street corners.

Because stoops.

Because, America.

Williamsburg = Art = Random landscaping sculptures + perfect lighting = magic.

The lighting in Brooklyn is proven to be great. "It's the best, that I can tell you"

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