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Lauren and Derek takeover Roberta's Pizza in Brooklyn, New York

Updated: Jun 6, 2019


Lauren and Derek called the weather gods in advance and arranged the most glorious, crisp, sun shiney Saturday. They were prepped at the William Vale hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn alongside their parents, siblings and bridal party. They reserved an exclusive (thanks to Derek with in!) section of the Willam Vale rooftop for photo ops, and thanked the many guests who flung their "Congratulations!" to them as we weaved through the crowds to find the best spot for portraits. Then we boarded a vintage trolley (is this a Brooklyn wedding, or not?) and we were on our way to Roberta's Pizza! The restaurant put on a dazzling display of lights in their outdoor garden which sparkled over piping hot za's, fluffy white flowers standing in glass vases, and hundreds of ready-to-party wedding guests. The live band pumped out favorite after favorite and jammed the dance floor all night! Lauren and Derek planned a true dream wedding with a most terrific mix of traditional, new-age, vintage and modern touches. Congratulations to the newlyweds on their beautiful marriage!

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