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I have been SOO wildly excited to shoot a sexy shower set in my New Jersey boudoir studio, but building it felt really intimidating. I put it off for months and months even though my pinterest board was full of inspo shots and I knew I was totally hooked and my clients would fall in LOVE with their images behind this steamy set.

My studio is not a massive industrial loft, so I have to be creative with how I design every single corner in my super charming cottage-style building. I knew if I built a shower set it couldn't be permanent because I use walls interchangeably with different tapestries and props.

So here is my solution! I went to Home Depot and purchased a fat piece of plexiglass. I was sure to find the size that would be the most awkward to carry and fit into my car. NBD. It's fine. We're fine. I also got four heavy duty clips that would pin the glass between two of my flash stands (thank you, background in wedding photography!)

I used a water sprayer and sprayed the sh*t out of the glass until it was full of a million droplets and they started sliding toward the floor.

Next, I drag my black backdrop paper all the way to the floor and have my clients stand facing the natural window light to highlight their faces and bodies. So simple, and SO sexy.

Now, I have a super duper easy set that I can dismantle and put back together in seconds. Peep some of my favorite shots from my inaugural steamy shower set clients!

This has already become in permanent set in my rotation, and my clients are loving the final results! My only regret is I didn't create this scene WAYYYY sooner.



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