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In-Home Engagement Sessions - Logan Roquemore Photography Makes House Calls

Photoshoot requests are at an all-time high. In the age of digital socializing, people want their stories told in a beautiful, high quality, professional way. It's important to relish memories with an image that leave their friends in awe today, and will be passed down to their children tomorrow. Time is so fleeting, but photography gives you that opportunity to slow it down, or rather, stop it entirely. That's why, when I meet with my clients, I tell them to choose a location that's important to them. What story will they have to pair with this image in 50 years? "This is the first home your Grandmother and I shared. I renovated it just to impress her. When she moved in it was just a studio apartment, but we built a wall together to close off our bedroom. We loved our neighborhood and our view. Downtown was lit. We used to say 'lit" when something was cool. That was the chicest outfit in 2019." You get the point. So as you're mulling over the best location for your engagement session (family session, newborn session, portrait session, any photo session) you may find you won't need to look very far. Here's a glimpse into Grace and Bryan's gorgeous in-home photo session.


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