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7 things to know before your boudoir photography session

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Hello gorgeous!

Even before you step into the studio, Boudoir photography promotes self-care. There is quite a bit of prep that goes into you shoot, and I want to share a few of my favorite tips. This comes in addition to the full wardrobe style guide and glam guide I send you once you've booked a shoot. When you decide to search for a New Jersey boudoir photographer you might think all you have to do is find the right creative and you’ll be ready to go. Whilst it’s great when you find someone you feel comfortable with, there’s a few other important bits and pieces you also need to know. Take a look at the following words of wisdom and you’ll be ready to enjoy a liberating experience unlike any other.

1) Sleep well & hydrate the night before so you feel energized in front of the camera

Boudoir photography is as much about capturing your energy and spirit as it is about celebrating the way you look. In fact, the two go hand in hand. Get rested the night before so that you feel ready to give your shoot everything the way only you know how.

2) Take the time to choose your outfits in advance

When you want to put yourself at ease in front of the lens you want to be working with outfits you love. Take some time to try them on for size, move around in them and get to know them before your shoot. It’ll make more of a difference than you think, trust me.

3) Bring a few extras just in case

You never know which direction you’re going to want to take your session once you start expressing yourself. Take a few extra outfits and a couple of essentials so you can do some last-minute touchups. You might find you never even touch them, but at least you’ll have given yourself the option!

4) Tell a friend if it helps settle your nerves

There’s nothing wrong with having a few nerves before your session — you’re only human after all! Talk to a friend, share your prep with them or even bring them along if it’s going to help you feel comfortable.

5) Wear clothes that fit (nothing too tight or too loose) so you feel more comfortable

You have all the time in the world to turn on the style and catch the eye once your session starts, so why not take it easy until then? Arriving in some loose fitting clothes that make you feel relaxed calm is a great way to settle your nerves and take the pressure off (these clothes also won't leave marks or indents on your skin!). It’ll also feel great when you can slip them back on afterwards -- although you may prefer lounging in your underwear because you'll be feeling SO DAMN invigorated afterwards.

6) Don’t rush it

Last but not least, don’t rush it. Take your time, enjoy it and believe that you can do it. If you do these 3 things you’ll love your images even more, because it will be coupled with awe and pride and accomplishment on your behalf!

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XO, Logan

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