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Hello you gorgeous go-getter! You're here and you're ready to sink your teeth into your very own Boudoir Guide. Here you will dive deep into how to identify if you're ready to book your experience, why it's so life changing, how to fully prepare yourself for the photoshoot, and what to do with those gorgeous portraits afterwards.

walk with your head held higher

Celebrate your curves

Thrive in a body-positive environment

Who should really be booking A BOUDOIR EXPERIENCE?


If you find yourself laying awake at night picturing what you would look like if you let your beauty take centerstage, it’s a sure sign you are ready. Embrace that feeling, take it with you to your shoot and show the whole world why you are special. You deserve this and I promise it will be fun! You will learn to see and love yourself in a way you never thought was possible before, and I'll be there coaching you, posing you, and cheering you on every step of the way.



Are you ready TO:

Then, YES!


Here are 5 more ways examples you may related to, that will help you see how the art of boudoir is a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE! 

You’ve forgotten just how special you are

We all lead busy lives and have so many different things to do on any given day, there’s just no getting away from that. The problem is when you lose sight of how special, beautiful and creative you are as a woman. If you find yourself feeling like this, you need to do something that celebrates who you are.


You know you need to be pampered sooner rather than later

Being pampered is what allows you to rest, relax and recover whilst turning on the style. It’s a chance to celebrate what makes you special, so make sure to set some time aside to do it. If you don’t, life will soon get away from you. My professional team of hair stylists and make up artists will transform you from babe to bombshell.

You feel ready to celebrate your body and the way you look

It’s natural to go through periods of your life where you feel like you have to cover up and shy away, but it doesn’t have to be like that. When you feel your confidence begin to return, why not elevate it in a truly empowering way? It’s a chance to celebrate your body and show yourself just how far you’ve come.


You have a special occasion on the horizon

Having a shoot done as a surprise for your partner or a treat for yourself is a great way to approach things. Once you start to get excited and intrigued about the prospect of getting in front of the camera, you’ll know you’re more than ready to take the next step.


You’ve achieved your wellness goals

One of the most rewarding things I do is help women celebrate their health and wellness goals. It doesn’t matter what they are, or if you're final goals aren't yet met, all that matters is you’ve achieved something that means more to you than you ever imagined. With your your goals in sight, you’ll find you have the confidence and belief you need to book your session and celebrate yourself.

Look and feel your best with my BOMBSHELL GLAM GUIDE


Hydrate the week of your shoot, drink water regularly your skin will love it and it gives your skin a refreshed look. It’s a great idea to exfoliate your body 2-3 days before your shoot, making sure not to irritate and redden your skin. If you wax, make sure to do it or have it done leaving enough time for your skin to calm down if you are prone to any reaction. Please don’t go for a tanning session for at least a week before your shoot, it will not look natural and adds an orange tint to your skin. Bring your body lotion with you to your session. When coming to your session that day wear something loose fitting. This will prevent marks on your skin from constriction, ie: tight elastic anything.


Treat yourself to a facial at home or a salon! Your skin will glow, just make sure to know how your skin reacts and give yourself time for your skin to calm down after your treatment. If you are considering whitening your teeth, there are an affordable at home use products or you can schedule a dental visit. Get your eyebrows waxed if they need it, but be sure to do this at least a week prior. They are an important part of prepping and frame your eyes. Arrive to the session with a clean, moisturized face is you’re getting your makeup done professionally in the studio. Do not pop pimples! This can result in bloody or red skin and scars.  Blemishes will be covered in makeup and easily removed when editing, so let us handle it! 


Arrive to the studio with clean, dry hair ready to be styled. Make sure that if you color your hair your roots are touched up. Additionally, a deep conditioning treatment can help your hair shine with a beautiful glossy finish. 


Your hands can be very dominant in a boudoir shoot so you want to make sure they're looking their best. A manicure and pedicure is a strongly recommended! If you don’t wear a colored polish I suggest having at least a clear polish on your nails. If you are planning to wear jewelry, and want to have them highlighted (like an engagement ring) be sure to clean them prior to your shoot so I can really make them sing!


Prepare 4-6 amazing outfits at least a few days in advance and hang them if possible to avoid wrinkles. Make sure to try everything on before your shoot and choose outfits that not only fit well but make you feel wonderful and sexy. Bodysuits, matching bra and panty sets, lace, and strapless corsets are a few of my favorites. There will be retouching done to your photos, but no major photoshopping, so find an outfit that helps to cover parts of your body where you feel particularly insecure (we ALL have our things!), and highlight your favorite features. If this is for bridal boudoir bring your veil, wedding shoes, or garter. If this is a gift for your partner, bring his/her shirt, tie, hat or cigar if he/she is into that. Additional things you may consider bringing are robes, kimonos, garters, and a pair of black or nude pumps. If you’re shopping, I’d recommend taking a look at Adore Me or Fashion Nova - they have sexy and affordable items that you’ll feel great in!



I get this question ALL THE TIME! "What am I even going to do with sexy pics of myself? Hang them in my hallway for my mom to see?"

Then I also get this request "I've been dying for a boudoir shoot and would love some incredible black and white images to hang in my apartment!"

So really, it's all about your attitude and your lifestyle. Here are my favorite ways to deliver images:

Wall Art

Canvas prints, metal prints, or framed photo paper prints to boldy and proudly display your gorgeous bod in your home. Recommended sizes 11x16 or larger.

Screenshot_2020-04-24 Professional Photo
Screenshot_2020-04-24 Professional Photo
Screenshot_2020-04-24 Professional Photo
Screenshot_2020-04-24 Professional Photo
Screenshot_2020-04-24 Professional Photo

photos of products are not my own, but are examples from my vendors' website.

Image Folios

A polished way to feature your gorgeous images. Two of your favorite photos displayed in a spread in a premium folio.

Screenshot_2020-04-24 Image Folios Mille
Screenshot_2020-04-24 Image Folios Mille
Screenshot_2020-04-24 Image Folios Mille

photos of products are not my own, but are examples from my vendors' website.

Retro Viewfinder (ah! so cool!)

The best way to hide your sexy pics in plain sight. The perfect gift for your partner, or retro toy for yourself! I will curate a custom reel of YOUR boudoir images for your finest viewing pleasure.

Screenshot_2020-04-24 Customized RetroVi

photo of product is not my own, but is an example from my vendors' website.

Luxury Albums

Tuck your gorgeous leather bound album between your favorite books and grab it whenever you want to remember what a smokin-hot goddess you are. Flip through the pages on a crummy day, and regain that boost of confidence you harnessed during our shoot.

Screenshot_2020-04-24 Professional Photo
Screenshot_2020-04-24 Professional Photo
Screenshot_2020-04-24 Professional Photo

photos of products are not my own, but are examples from my vendors' website.

I'm so glad I was able to share this information with you! I hope you found many of the details you came to find. But I know there is WAY more you want to learn.

Do you have more questions you want to ask me directly?
Want more info on the exact experience I provide from booking to ordering?
Looking for pricing?
Want to see the inside of my studio?

I want to to share it all with you!
Book your *FREE* phone or zoom consultation with me to get the full scoop
(there is absolutely no obligation to book after we speak, but you will receive a discount code if you choose to book on our call!)

You ARE ready for this experience, and I want to be on your self-love journey with you. I want to empower you, surprise you, and help preserve your beauty for decades to come.

See my most recent work, win prizes, and join the boudoir conversation in my private *women only* VIP Client Lounge on Facebook. 

Ciao for now!


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