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Black Friday Terms and Conditions

  • Cannot cancel a current session and reschedule with the Black Friday deal

  • Eligible only for a weekday date in January or February 2024

  • No refunds permitted

  • A card will be held on file for cancellations. If you choose to cancel your date (reschedules not permitted with this deal), you will owe the remaining balance of the regular $499 session fee, plus a cancellation fee depending on how close to your date your cancel.

    • Cancel within 30 days: $250 + $100 cancellation fee

    • Cancel within 14 days: $250 + $250 cancellation fee

    • Cancel within 72 hours or no-call/no-show: $250 + $500 cancellation fee

  • This deal may be gifted, and Logan will schedule a consultation with the client who will be at the photoshoot, not the person who purchased the order.

  • Prints, products, and digital images are SOLD SEPARATELY. Collections will be purchased at your photo reveal and ordering appointment when we preview the images together. The minimum investment for products is $995. Collections including luxury albums, hi-res downloadable digital images, and a la carte credit start at $2950.

  • Custom phone app and black and white digitals only gifted with purchase of digital collection (starts at $2950)

  • Cannot be combined with other offers or credits.

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