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I believe getting to know my clients is the #1 way to ensure an awesome experience, but first I’d love for you to learn a little about me. Here are a few things you should know.

My name is Logan and I’m the lead photographer and owner of Logan Roquemore Photography, and now Boudoir x Logan. Before photography, I was a Program Director at a nonprofit organization serving up sports and fitness to youth of all ages in and around New York City. I started shooting weddings after I got married; I was so moved by the images I received and was so in love with the entire experience that and I wanted to pay that forward. I’m married to my handsome husband, Pedro, and we have one son together named Crews. This little kid is the greatest thing in our world! We moved to South Orange, NJ into a house with a detached artists studio, and I knew this would be my chance to expand my portfolio to a genre I’ve been wanted to pursue for many years -- boudoir photography! Unlike weddings where the bride and groom are rightfully in charge of the shot list and timeline, I now have the chance to put my creative stamp on every aspect of our shoot. Posing, style guides, lighting, and set design are critical to an amazing shoot, and having  my own studio, (and trusting clients!) gives us the opportunity to create something truly beautiful and unique. Thank you for choosing me, and entrusting me with such an intimate experience. It's my pleasure to officially welcome you to Nudey Nation.

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What is boudoir

and why should you care about it?


Boudoir, in short, is a photography session for women that is typically shot in a bedroom or studio. Yes, it's meant to be seductive and sexy, but ultimately it's an empowering experience for you. You will feel so liberated and confident after your sessions that you'll be ready to take on the world!

Session themes and inspo can be used for

  • Bridal Boudoir

  • Maternity

  • Post Baby Body

  • Pre Baby Body

  • Your Self Love Journey

  • Stunning gifts for your partner

  • Cuz you fly


 tempted yet?

click below to send me a message and ask specific questions.

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WHO should experience a boudoir session?

ALL women should be exploring what a boudoir session has to offer. Scroll down for the before and after photo of a woman who is JUST like you empowering herself through the art of boudoir. 


WHY should you experience a boudoir session?

There is no end to reasons of why a woman should explore a boudoir session. Many clients say they do it for a "confidence boost" to look "sexy but still classy" to immortalize their bodies, or simply "as a sexy gift!"  If for none of these reasons, give your 77 year old self something to be V jealous about.


Are you thinking:

  • WTF am I going to wear?

  • WTF am I supposed to do with boudoir images?

  • WTF, Logan!?



WTF TO WEAR: Bring anything and everything you might want to wear. Your veil, your garter, your wedding shoes, a robe, his shirt, a Beyonce bodysuit. I will style you on the spot to make sure you look and feel your best. When you book you'll be hooked up with an ENTIRE glam guide that gives you very specific direction with how to prepare your face, body, feet/hands, and wardrobe.

WTF TO DO WITH YOUR PICS:  The quick answer is for me to turn them into prints, create wall art, or curate an album for Valentine's Day, a birthday, or your first anniversary. Did you know your First Wedding Anniversary Gift is PAPER? I promise he's gonna WANT this paper. The deeper answer is for you to enjoy the empowering experience of creating autonomy over your body and immortalize the way you look TODAY. You won't regret it in 50 years -- TRUST.

DON'T WTF ME! It's going to be amazing! Before you book we will have a full consultation so you know and trust me. I'll give you a tour of my studio if you'd like, and provide you a full (private) gallery that will never be shown to the public, so you can be sure I'll take the very best care of you.

can you relate?

Don't take my word for it, see what other ladies are RAVING about:

"Long story short, I never could have imagined my pictures coming out as amazing as they did.."

"..there are definitely things I was scared about lol and when I saw my pictures I seriously could not believe how amazing they look.."

"..the pictures accentuated my good qualities (we all have them) and just made me feel beautiful. Moral of the story; my confidence is boosted and I can’t wait to give the pictures to my fiancé!"

"..these pictures are incredible!!! I mean, I don't take pictures in bathing suits because I always cringe and I'm not cringing in any of these! I lovvve the cover photo!"






























y o u r   f u l l   e x p e r i e n c e    timeline

Before you book:

Subscribe to the VIP Client list! You do not want to miss out on flash sales and the chance to learn more about why boudoir is such an empowering experience. When you're ready, send me an email to to book your complimentary phone consultation to ask all your questions!


When you book:

Yay! We have set up a date, time, and location we’re shooting in (usually this will be in my South Orange Studio unless you have a special request!


Within the first week of booking:

I’ll send out the contract for you to sign and invoice for your deposit. Once both of those are received by me, your space in my calendar will be reserved and I will book your glam squad, and send out your style/grooming guide. 


Four weeks before your scheduled session:

I’ll send you a reminder, and we will set up a time for an in-person, or phone consultation for you to ask questions and get out your jitters! 


Two days before your scheduled session:

You’ll receive one more reminder that your session is coming up!


Day of the session:

You will wake up with more excitement than Christmas morning! So will I! When you arrive, I’ll give you a tour of the studio, we will set out your outfits, and glam will begin. Your session will run from 60-90 minutes, and will probably be more tiring than you think. Be sure to be well rested the night before! Before you leave we’ll plan the ordering appointment, and I’ll see you back in 3-4 weeks. 


The day after the session:

You’ll receive the full investment menu to review. 


The ordering appointment:

This is the best part! Your ordering appointment will be the big reveal for you to see all your images. I’ll create a slideshow of your images, so buckle up because BIG happiness is en route! Next we go through all the edited images, select your favorites, and decide which ones to print, make into wall art, and/or add into your album. These products will be mailed to your home and will give you the happiest and most empowering memories for years to come! You will leave BEAMING and so proud of yourself! And honestly, you’ll deserve every bit of it!

Remember the WHO part from earlier?

These women look like supermodels, but they are EVERYDAY women who you see toting their children at the market, folding endless laundry, facing insecurities and working hard on relationships. The only difference is she carved out the all the time and energy she gives to everyone else, and reinvested it in HERSELF.


P O W E R F U L.

The glam team will start your transformation with hair and make up, but YOU will create this STUNNING final result.

y o u r   investment

I offer a full range of collections from $349-$3,000  to fit any budget. Collections pay for your digital images, printed albums, print credit for wall art, folios, and your professional glam squad.

Most women are happy to spend between $1500-$2,000 for their investment, and some spend more (and get more!)

*If you look at your photos only twice a year for the next 50 years, it's only a $20/year investment which is incredible*


There will be a separate $149 session fee that pays for the constant communication with me, private studio space, your 60 minute photo shoot, one hour of glam, wardrobe styling, professional retouching fees, and your exciting photo reveal!


what now?

Step 1) subscribe below to my VIP client list if you want to continue learning more

Step 2) email me if you're ready to book your complimentary consultation

I can't wait to embark on this exciting journey with you!



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